Foam Rollers

The New Year is always a good time to take up a new sport or start exercising again.  If you have had quite a long break please don’t try and go straight back to what you were used to.  Its amazing how quickly fitness can decrease and it needs to be built up gradually to avoid injury.  Before and after exercise it is really important to stretch and use something like a foam roller on your muscles.  This should help prevent the muscles being as sore the next day and will aid recovery.  A hot bath can also be beneficial as well as massaging the muscles.

If you have a roller try and use it a couple of times a day especially on any muscles that are sore or tight – its amazing the difference it can make.

Rollers are easy to buy off Amazon or we sell them at Attend2Health.  I keep mine behind the sofa so its easy to use when I’m watching TV in the evening.

Below are some ideas of how to use a foam roller.