Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation Class Information

At Attend2Health Tai Chi is currently taught by a husband and wife team Gary and Janet Webb who have been practising Tai Chi for nearly 20 years.

Their current teacher is Master Bob Fermor who is a World standard martial artist of great repute. The Tai Chi that they have been taught by Bob has been handed down by Master Deng, whose father trained directly with Yang Chen Fu. So, our lineage is a very close one to the founder. Bob always keeps everything very simple in his teaching, this really helps when learning something as difficult as Tai Chi with so many principles to it. Gary started training in Shotokan Karate in 1981 and reached the grade of Third Dan, before injury prevented him from moving further with Karate.


Yang Short Form

They start off with the Yang Short Form which is very easy to learn. It has all the basic movements in. The short form helps to reinforce all the other forms. It can be learnt in just a few short months.

Yang Traditional 85 Long Form

The Yang 85 Long Form is a very beautiful flowing form that helps to build a very good foundation for all the movements. The advantage of Tai Chi is that it can be practised by both young and old. The moves help to promote good movement with combined gentle breathing. The movements are done very slowly to aid good posture, good balance and promote a strong flexible body.

Yang Broad Sword

The first sword that is taught is the Yang Broad sword or the Dao. Again, it is done in the Tai Chi style of moving. The Broad Sword is primarily a slashing type weapon. It builds on the foundations of the Yang 85 Long Form.

Yang Straight Sword

The Yang Straight Sword is the next form taught which follows on from the Yang Broad Sword. It is a double-edged sword that can trace its history back 2500 years. It is the most beautiful of all the forms but very hard to learn and do correctly.

Dat Mo Stick

The Dat Mo stick is performed in the Tai Chi style, it is a very old Kung Fu form that can trace its roots right back to the Shaolin Temple. It is an extremely applied walking stick form that is brilliant for self-defence.

Push Hands

Push hands is where you learn to apply all the moves studied in the Yang 85 Long form with a partner. You learn to stick and adhere to our partner, to apply counter upon counter. It is basically the work shop where you learn how Tai Chi operates as a self-defence. It is really good fun and very enjoyable.


All the movements from either the short form or the Traditional 85 Long Form can be applied for both self-defence and in push hands. Our teacher Bob is always keen to show us how the moves can be applied either in push hands or for self-defence. The moves must be applied in exactly the same way as the form is performed. This really helps to reinforce the movement as a Martial Art.

Qigong and Meditation

Qigong is performed in exactly the same way as we do our Tai Chi. The movements are usually divided into sets of exercises such as the 8 Pieces of Brocade or the Dao-Yin. They help to promote good circulation and aid the Tai Chi movements. The Meditation can either be done standing, sitting or walking. We promote both Chan and Christian Meditation exercises. They really help to calm mind, body and spirit.


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