ByLouise Hampton

We are in the final!

Local businesswoman Louise Hampton from Attend2Health has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Business Woman in Health & Wellness and Best Customer Service categories.  The clinic is delighted to have been selected in these two categories and this reflects how hard we try to help our patients.

Debbie Gilbert, organiser of The Best Business Women Awards said ‘This is the 5th year of these prestigious awards. We were delighted with the number of entries this year, which came in from all over the UK. This is a tough competition judged by business experts. To be a finalist is a major achievement. Finalists have been selected for their business acumen, determination, creativity and tenacity. Well over 80% of start-ups fail in the first 3 years and all our finalists are all shining examples of being successful entrepreneurs who have proved their success to our judges.’

This is the third time we have been a finalist in these awards so fingers crossed we can win one of them.  I’m really looking forward to the Awards dinner on 11th October at the Tower Hotel in London.

ByLouise Hampton

Meet our Chiropractors…

We have 3 chiropractors at attend2health Rhiannon Hughes, Louise Hampton and Adrian Collingwood.  All chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and are available on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Chiropractors and osteopaths are very similar.  They both treat a number of conditions affecting the muscles and joints in the body namely things like back pain, neck pain, sciatica, minor sports injuries and shoulder complaints.  Chiropractors may use manipulation, mobilisation, massage and give exercises to help.  We don’t have to ‘crack’ your joints we have a lot of treatment options available.

Taking a case history

Louise is the owner of attend2health as well as being a chiropractor.  She qualified from the University of South Wales in 2004 and is a Fellow of the British Chiropractic Association.  Last year Louise wrote a book on low back pain which can be bought from the clinic or on Amazon.

Book on low back pain –

Adrian qualified from the University of Surrey in 2003 and has a Masters in Chiropractic.  Adrian has a special interest in how chiropractic can help headaches.  He always considers a health problem or symptom within the context of a patients whole lifestyle.  Symptoms don’t just happen on their own – they are a warning that something is not right – and as chiropractors we know the importance of maintaining body and lifestyle balance.

Rhiannon qualified from the University of South Wales in 2013 with a Masters degree in Chiropractic.  She has a special interest in pregnancy and after receiving chiropractic herself when she was a child she knew she wanted to help deliver the same high standard and quality of care to others.

For more information or to book a free chat with one of our practitioners please call 01763 878087.

ByLouise Hampton

Meet our Osteopaths…

At Attend2Health we have 3 osteopaths Ginelle Kay, Alex Matthews and Lauren Elder.  Osteopathy is available at the clinic 7 days a week. 

Ginelle is a friendly and supportive osteopath whose main aim is to help decrease the pain that her patients are experiencing whilst also ensuring that they fully understand the cause of their pain and how the treatment will help them.  Having graduated with a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine Ginelle now wants to show others how osteopathy can improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

Alex qualified from the British School of Osteopathy with Distinction.  A keen sportsman, he has participated in a wide variety of sports but especially Karate currently holding the rank of 3rd dan blackbelt and over 20 years’ experience. He is also an English Karate Federation level 4 head coach.  Alex enjoys treating patients of all ages and walks of life, but has a special interest in sports injuries and performance.

Lauren graduated from the University College of Osteopathy (formerly the British School of Osteopathy.) Lauren enjoys treating all musculoskeletal aches and pains but has a specific interest in paediatric and obstetric osteopathy and is currently studying a postgraduate certificate in Specialist Paediatric Osteopathic Practice. She also has an interest in nutrition.

If you are experiencing any aches and pains we offer a free 15 minute chat where we can see if we can help you.  Just call 01763 878087 for more information.

ByLouise Hampton

Have you seen our reviews?

Here at attend2health we are very passionate about helping people and very proud of our reviews.

We are very pleased with our reputation and the number of reviews we have.  On google we have over 87 Five star reviews which is wonderful and on Facebook we have 65.

87 Google reviews

We want to give you the best treatment possible and are keen to help in any way we can.  By having lots of different practitioners we hope that if one type of treatment is not suitable then another type will be.  To help with this we offer a free 15 minute chat with a practitioner so we can make sure you see the person right for you.

Attend2health team




We have just signed up to Trust Pilot to hopefully make it even easier to leave a review.  If you mention you have left a review on Trust pilot we will give you £10 off your next treatment as a thank you for taking the time to help us.   Simply click here to leave a review.   By leaving a review it gives other people looking for a chiropractor or osteopath etc the confidence to try us.

ByLouise Hampton

Local chiropractic clinic wins national quality award

Attend2Health Clinic in Buntingford, has been awarded the Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) by The Royal College of Chiropractors for the second time.


The PPQM is awarded to chiropractic clinics that demonstrate excellence in meeting patient expectations in a range of areas including accessibility, cleanliness and safety and patient communication. The decision to award the PPQM is made by a panel of patients who form the Royal College of Chiropractor’s Lay Partnership Group.


Clinic Principal Louise Hampton is pictured receiving the award, at a ceremony held in London on 30th January, from Mr Hew Helps, Chair of the Royal College’s Lay Partnership Group.


Clinic Principal Louise said:

“The award of the Patient Partnership Quality Mark recognises this clinic’s commitment to meeting the expectations our patients have when they visit us for care. The aim of our clinic team is to continually improve our levels of service to patients and this award gives us confidence that we are achieving this”

ByLouise Hampton

Foam Rollers can really help if you are feeling sore after exercise…

Foam Rollers

The New Year is always a good time to take up a new sport or start exercising again.  If you have had quite a long break please don’t try and go straight back to what you were used to.  Its amazing how quickly fitness can decrease and it needs to be built up gradually to avoid injury.  Before and after exercise it is really important to stretch and use something like a foam roller on your muscles.  This should help prevent the muscles being as sore the next day and will aid recovery.  A hot bath can also be beneficial as well as massaging the muscles.

If you have a roller try and use it a couple of times a day especially on any muscles that are sore or tight – its amazing the difference it can make.

Rollers are easy to buy off Amazon or we sell them at Attend2Health.  I keep mine behind the sofa so its easy to use when I’m watching TV in the evening.

Below are some ideas of how to use a foam roller.

ByLouise Hampton

Happy New Year!

Has the festive period taken its toll and you are starting 2019 determined to be fitter and healthier?

January often sees a surge in gym membership with people wanting to loose some unwanted weight or fulfilling a new year resolution to live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s great to want to get moving so here is some advice from the BCA

•    Seek professional advice to check that there are no medical reasons why you should not exercise, particularly if you are not normally physically active.

•    Remember to warm up and warm down before and after any activity. Start with less strenuous activity like walking or jogging and finish with some light stretches at the end of an exercise session – this may help minimise muscle stiffness and reduce the chance of muscle strain.

•    Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise – this will help your muscles work more efficiently and will reduce aches and pains after exercise.

•    Make sure you wear the right attire for your chosen activity and the appropriate footwear for the type of exercise you are doing – most specialist sportswear retailers will be able to advise you on this.

•    If you are enrolling in a gym, make sure you receive training on any equipment and, if you are signing up to a programme, try and make sure you get proper training, advice and ongoing supervision.


Exercise can be a great way to help back pain but seek advice if you are in pain or unsure what exercise to try.  Getting fitter is a great way to help your body but try and find something you enjoy as then you are more likely to continue doing it for a long time.

Our Sports Therapist Becky does one to one Pilates and rehabilitation sessions which are a great way back into exercise and our physiotherapist Joanne can also help with an exercise routine too.



We offer a free 15 minute chat so if you are unsure of where to start have a chat to one of our practitioners.  Just call 01763 87 80 87.  We are open 7 days a week.

ByLouise Hampton

Christmas Opening Hours

I just wanted to write and thank all of our wonderful patients and supporters over this past year.  I am so proud of the clinic and the fantastic reputation it has.  My main focus has always been putting patients needs first and making sure they get the best treatment possible.

Here are the Christmas opening hours as I realise pain doesn’t stop for Christmas.
















Here’s a funny video to wish you Merry Christmas!

ByLouise Hampton

Christmas Present Ideas…

Are you starting to think what to get people for Christmas?  Do you want to get them something different but no idea what?  Why not pop in to Attend2Health.

If someone you know has low back pain Louise has a new book out on low back pain with lots of tips and things to do to help.  You could always combine the book with a gift voucher for a sports massage or an examination with a chiropractor or osteopath.



We also have a fantastic pillow which is adjustable. This means you can increase or decrease the amount of filling to find the most comfortable solution for you.  The usually retail for £79.99 but we sell them for just £48.99.



Our back supports are also a great gift if you have a sofa which isn’t very supportive or a deep chair at work.  These are priced at £29.99.


We stock these balls call Miracle balls which you lie on to give yourself a massage.  They come with a little book of exercises to do with the balls and are a great way to keep your muscles from tightening up.  These are priced at just £14.99.


Another great gift is our lightweight massagers.  These have a retail price of £58.99 but we sell them for £39.99.  These work so well at reducing tension in muscles you only have to use them for a few minutes a day to really notice the difference.


I hope you find this useful but if you want to try any products just let us know.  We offer a free one week trial of our pillow and back supports to make sure they are right for you.


ByLouise Hampton

Book Launch!

I am excited to announce the launch of my book on Low back pain is happening this Thursday at 7pm-8pm in the Buntingford Library.


My book has been written to try and cover all aspects of back pain from common causes to different aspects that need to be looked at from the physical side, mental health and social side to back pain.

Luckily most episodes of back pain are short lasting but for the unlucky few it can cause pain for a lot longer and so it is important to have lots of coping strategies.

At the book launch I will be giving a short talk with the opportunity to ask questions along with drinks and nibbles.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


There will be the chance to buy my book at the discounted rate of just £9.99.


It would be wonderful to see you there.  For more information call 01763 87 80 87 or visit