The Studio

At Attend2Health we have a fantastic studio to use for lots of different classes.

With a sprung floor, mirrors, sound system and large screen TV the room is ideal for a range of uses.

Tai Chi, Qigon and Meditation

At Attend2Health Tai Chi is currently taught by a husband and wife team Gary and Janet Webb who have been practising Tai Chi for nearly 20 years.


At Attend2Health we teach a type of yoga called Inner Axis.


Pilates classes will be mixed level suitable for beginners up to more experienced clients.
All exercises within the class will be taught with a variety of levels at every stage to ensure you are working within your capabilities.

All classes run in 6 week blocks and the cost of each class will be £14. Classes are limited to a maximum of 6 people.

For more information or to join our waiting list please call 01763 878087.