But before we get to all that, the Buntingford Carnival was last month, celebrating Sport in Britain in 2012 (original, no?). We were there offering the chance to test your grip strength for the chance to win a bottle of champagne.

Our winning female grip was 75kg. To put this into perspective, this blogger managed 27kg. So congratulations to our winners, who more than deserve their champagne, and probably have handshakes to avoid first thing on a Monday morning.

So, the less said about the football, the better. Wimbledon continues apace (come on, Tim!), and we’re all very excited about the Olympics this month! If you’re watching sport, playing sport, or exhausted even thinking about it, then we’ve got a range of treatments available for you!

Our sports masseuse Estelle is fully trained in sports massage and theraputic massage, great for rugby players or tired office workers alike. We also offer reflexology and reiki with Estelle, for people who’s idea of me time is a little less a game of golf and a little more serenity.

If you’ve managed to trap a nerve while pretending to be Andy Murray, then our chiropractors Louise and Adrian are on hand six days a week to help bring you back to peak condition as quickly as possible. We don’t promise to make you a World Number 4 Singles Player, mind you.

And, coming to Attend2Health from Thursday 5th July is our new Physiotherapist, Mike Varney.

Mike Varney has worked as a physiotherapist for over 40 years, and continues to offer a wealth of expertises and experience treating musculoskeletal problems. He has previously worked in a professional capacity with Tottenham Hotspur and Queens Park Rangers, as well as working as a remedial gymnast and treating many celebrities and actors in our time.

If you’re looking for A-List treatment of your injuries, why not call us and book in with Mike on 01763 87 80 87.