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ByLouise Hampton

5 Reasons you should have a Sports Massage…

Did you know a Sports Massage isn’t just for sporty people?  Anyone can have a sports massage, it just means the therapist is trained to a high level and here’s 5 reasons why you should have one:

  1. To relax. The stresses of everyday life can take their toll on our bodies without us realising it and it is very easy for the tension to build up in our bodies.  A massage is a great way to help us relax.
  2. To restore balance to the body.  If you are right handed say you may use you right hand more than your left causing an imbalance in the muscles with a massage can help address.
  3. A massage can highlight any potential problems and therefore help prevent an injury.
  4. Improve the circulation – a massage stimulates blood flow to the body.
  5. Helps your mental well-being.  A massage makes you feel good and is a great way to de-stress.

Natalie Pettitt Sports Massage Therapist


Here’s a testimonial from a patient explaining why she likes to have a massage.

ByLouise Hampton

Have you seen our testimonials?

At attend2health the main thing we are concerned about is helping people get better.  We want to provide the best service possible and strive to do this everyday.  We hold group training sessions to learn from each other and discuss any tricky cases with the patients permission.  By working so closely together we feel we can provide the best service for our patients.

We have questionnaires for patients to fill in to make sure we are doing all we can to help and love it when we also get testimonials from patients saying how well they are doing.  Currently there are 54 reviews on google which can be seen here.

We also have 51 reviews on Facebook and 20 on

A couple of patients have given us a video testimonial which is great for other people to hear their experiences.  One can be seen here.

If you experience any aches or pains don’t wait for them to get worse call us today on 01763 87 80 87 and see how we can help.  We are open 7 days a week to make it easier to get an appointment around work.