Has the festive period taken its toll and you are starting 2019 determined to be fitter and healthier?

January often sees a surge in gym membership with people wanting to loose some unwanted weight or fulfilling a new year resolution to live a healthier lifestyle.

It’s great to want to get moving so here is some advice from the BCA

•    Seek professional advice to check that there are no medical reasons why you should not exercise, particularly if you are not normally physically active.

•    Remember to warm up and warm down before and after any activity. Start with less strenuous activity like walking or jogging and finish with some light stretches at the end of an exercise session – this may help minimise muscle stiffness and reduce the chance of muscle strain.

•    Keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise – this will help your muscles work more efficiently and will reduce aches and pains after exercise.

•    Make sure you wear the right attire for your chosen activity and the appropriate footwear for the type of exercise you are doing – most specialist sportswear retailers will be able to advise you on this.

•    If you are enrolling in a gym, make sure you receive training on any equipment and, if you are signing up to a programme, try and make sure you get proper training, advice and ongoing supervision.


Exercise can be a great way to help back pain but seek advice if you are in pain or unsure what exercise to try.  Getting fitter is a great way to help your body but try and find something you enjoy as then you are more likely to continue doing it for a long time.

Our Sports Therapist Becky does one to one Pilates and rehabilitation sessions which are a great way back into exercise and our physiotherapist Joanne can also help with an exercise routine too.



We offer a free 15 minute chat so if you are unsure of where to start have a chat to one of our practitioners.  Just call 01763 87 80 87.  We are open 7 days a week.