Hi, I’m Donna, a counsellor here at Attend2Health and I’d like to tell you about a workshop I’m going to be running. 

It’s titled, ‘Managing anxious, negative and intrusive thoughts’

It’s a 2-part workshop to help you identify, challenge and begin to change anxious and negative thinking and patterns of thought using CBT and Compassion-Focussed techniques.

This workshop is an introduction to what I like to call ‘thinking about thinking’. If you’re someone who struggles with low mood, anxious, depressive or negative thoughts, if you worry excessively or overthink, if you feel that you have ‘washing machine head’, your head’s in a spin or you feel overwhelmed, I can help you to understand more about how your thoughts work, how we get stuck in habitual ways of thinking and how you can choose to have more control over your thoughts than you might think is possible.

I’m not going to blind you with science but the workshop will cover some basics about how our brains work, irrational thoughts and errors in thinking and how to develop awareness and learn techniques to help you counteract and better manage your thoughts.  

The workshop will consist of 2 2-hr sessions over two weekends and my aim is that the sessions will be informative, relaxed and hopefully fun! The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about themselves, if you can relate to anything I’ve said, then this might be the workshop for you.

Please click below to book…

Donna has also decided to run the course on a Monday morning. If you would like to book Monday 17th and 24th June 9.30am-11.30am then please email Donna directly on donnarobbiecounselling@gmail.com