We had a wonderful time at the car show last weekend.Ā 

We had a tombola and balloons for a donation to the Chiropractic Research Council.Ā  Iā€™m pleased to report that we raised Ā£206.17 for the Chiropractic Research Council a charity raising money to do more research into back pain and how Chiropractic can help so a really worthwhile cause.

We are really proud to announce we have been nominated for the British Chiropractic Association Clinic of the Year Award.Ā  We are one of 3 clinics in the final which Chiropractors around the country now vote for the winner.Ā  This is a really special award and it is great to just make the final.Ā  One reason for us getting this far is our integrated approach with so many different health practitioners under the one roof.

Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support our clinic.