ByLouise Hampton

Louise Hampton “Great North Run” Sunday Sept 7th 2014

Louise Great north runLouise Hampton, owner and Chiropractor at Attend2health is taking part in the Great North Run this coming Sunday 7th September 2014.  Louise is running to raise money for The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.  If you would like to sponsor her please call in to the clinic at 58 High Street, Buntingford or call us on 01763 87 80 87 and we can take your details.  I’m sure you would like to join us all here in wishing Louise the very best of luck, such a worthy cause and such a fantastic effort already put in with months of training.  Well done Louise, we will be thinking of you on Sunday.

ByLouise Hampton

Nutritionist now available at Attend2health

We are pleased to introduce Claire Thornton, an Associate Nutritionist who provides individually tailored, evidence-based nutrition & lifestyle advice to help you eat smarter not less to look and feel your best. Claire will be working at Attend2Health on Tuesday mornings from 5th August 2014

Claire focuses on what you can eat rather than what you cannot eat.  She will support you in making gradual lifestyle and dietary changes, to enable you to reach your goals and enhance your wellbeing. No strict diets or calorie counting is required.

Whatever your needs, there is a package to help you enjoy life to the full and maximise your wellbeing and success.  To find out more or to book an appointment with Claire call in to the clinic or phone us on 01763 87 80 87 We look forward to hearing from you.

Claire thornton

ByLouise Hampton

Race for Life Sunday 13th July 2014, Stevenage

The ladies here at Attend2health are entering the Race for Life on Sunday July 13th in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and would like to invite you to sponsor us at our just giving page or call into the Clinic at 58 High Street, Buntingford if you prefer and pop a few pennies in our collection pot.

We have all been affected by Cancer in some way in the past and felt this was a great way to get involved and help raise some money for a great cause.

Some of us will be running, Louise Hampton, Becky Harpin and Sophie Parkins, and others Talia Lethbridge, Rhiannon Poucher, Nikki Saydraouten, Tracey Burton and Natalie Pettitt, walking/jogging.  Our team consists of Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, a Physiotherapist and admin staff.  We will be finishing the day with a picnic kindly supplied by Louise and are hoping for sunshine!

In our photo here we have, from left to right ,  Becky and Nikki (Reception) Tracey (Clinic Manager) and Louise Hampton (Chiropractor) We will post pictures from the day in due course!

Thank you to everyone who has already sponsored us.

ByLouise Hampton

Kat Burton – Pilates Instructor Attend2health

Kat Burton - Pilates Instructor Attend2health

We are pleased to announce we now offer one to one pilates with a qualified instructor on a Friday afternoon between 3pm and 8pm. We held our first sessions on Friday 12th July and had a great response to our offer of half hour sessions for just £10. We are all looking forward to our private lessons from Kat after the great reports from her first clients yesterday. Pop in and see us for some information or just call down on a Friday between 3pm and 8pm to meet Kat and see what she can do for you. Hurry and book your slot as our offer of £10 per taster session only lasts until Sept. Please go to the Pilates page for more information or call Tracey or Nikki on 01763 878087 We look forward to taking your call.

ByLouise Hampton

Charity Day 6th July 2013

Charity Day 6th July 2013

Louise was very pleased to hand over a cheque for £313 to Helen Loughran from Freman College. Thank you to everyone who came along and had treatments on the day and to all that supported us. The Sports Hall will benefit not only the students at Freman but the whole community and we are very pleased that here at attend2health we were able to lend a hand with the funding.

ByLouise Hampton

Chiropractic Awareness Week

This Week is Chiropractic  Awareness Week and  here at Attend2health we are encouraging parents to straighten out their approach to back care.  Consumer research shows that 84 % of people in the South East have suffered from back / neck pain at some point in their lives – 64% of those being parents.  The research, commissioned by British Chiropractic Association, also shows that over half of those parents say their back or neck pain has prevented them from lifting or carrying their child.

Some parents said their back or neck pain has prevented them from carrying their child’s car seat or carry basket and lots of parents say it can prevent them from playing with their child.

Attend2healthoffers the following advice on how parents can look after their children whilst maintaining a healthy back:

Carrying your baby or toddler – Carry your baby as close as possible to your centre of gravity, select a carrier that ‘criss crosses’ at the back.  As your baby grows to toddler stage encourage them to do as much as possible for themselves, such as climbing into car seats etc.  This will save your back lots of stress.


ByLouise Hampton

Would you like to Balance your ‘Yin and Yang’ ?



 Chinese doctors believe that our bodies are composed of the opposing forces of Yin and Yang that need to work in harmony for us to achieve health and vitality


Reflexology has been around for thousands of years, it’s a manual therapy focusing on the feet and has recently enjoyed a surge in popularity as a modern holistic therapy to relieve pain and stress.

Reflexologists believe that different areas on your feet and hands correspond to other parts of your body and that massaging them can have positive effects on your body as a whole.

For 3,000 years Chinese practitioners have used reflexology to re-balance Qi (the life force flowing through energy channels) to treat a number of conditions. It can work alongside conventional Western medical medicine to promote healing and improve wellbeing and vitality.

What does it involve?

On your initial consultation, your reflexologist may ask you about your medical history, health issues, lifestyle and diet.

They will then apply painless pressure to your feet using their thumb and forefinger to identify which areas of your body aren’t functioning properly

If you are particularly ticklish your hands may be used instead!



How does it work?

Reflexology is based on the Chinese principle that certain areas on the soles of your feet or hands contain millions of nerve endings which correspond to other areas of your body.

It is believed that reflexology stimulates the body into healing itself by improving circulation, reducing stress, pain and restoring natural balance.

What can it help with?

If you are lacking energy or feeling sluggish reflexology can restore balance and help your body to heal itself.

It can boost sluggish circulation and is useful for treating stress, anxiety, back pain, migraine, poor digestion, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), respiratory problems, asthma, headache, bladder problems, menopausal symptoms and period pain.

It’s a great way to zone out and enjoy a relaxing massage.  Patients are left feeling relaxed and refreshed.



So if you’d like to get your Yin and Your Yang back together in perfect Harmony Give us a call or pop in to book an appointment with Estelle and find out for yourself what Reflexology can do for you!