Are your Toenails Thick, Crumbly or Discoloured?

Fungal nails can often be unsightly and embarrassing; they are caused by the same infection as athletes foot which gets under the nail. Usually very difficult to treat, using topical or oral treatments which can carry significant risks, taking many months to treat. Often they do not work and are totally ineffective, especially when the nail is thickened.

Clearanail is a revolutionary safe, painless procedure tested clinically at Southampton University by Dr Ivan Bristow a Dermatologist on many patients, Clearanail is an innovative proven technology that quickly clears affected discoloured nails.

Controlled Micro Penetration is used to create micro pathways into the nail plate. Each micro hole is drilled in seconds. Daily treatment at home is then applied to the affected areas, to quickly and efficiently clear the nail.

Visible results can be seen within weeks, thus removing the need to take oral medication which can interfere with the liver. Topical treatments are usually ineffective when the nail is affected to the lunular (half-moon at the bottom of the nail) but not with clearanail.

Available at a fraction of the cost of laser technology and clinically proven to give fast efficient results within weeks, Clearanail can be strongly recommended in the treatment of discoloured, thickened, crumbling nails!

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Gary Webb is a qualified HCPC registered Podiatrist with a Post Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Medicine and Biomechanics. He is a full member of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists which is the premier Podiatry Association in the UK. He is very experienced in many aspects of Podiatry and has a keen interest in Podiatric Biomechanics (postural related problems).