Happy New Year Everyone – I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  Are you thinking of New Year’s resolutions?  If you suffer from back pain why not see if we can help.  It’s really important not to ignore back pain as it is usually a warning sign and can then get worse.  We offer a free 15 minute chat so we can discuss your pain and see if it is something we can help with.  Here is more information about our practitioners.

How about losing weight this year?  Just being half a stone or more overweight can have a big impact on your body and your health.  It is so easy to put weight on but so much harder to lose.  Try to get support from your friends or join a group like weight watchers or slimming world as that will make you much more likely to succeed.  Extra weight can put pressure on your joints leading to pain so losing weight can really help with joint pain.

Stopping smoking would also be great for your health.  Smoking can also have an impact on your joint and back pain as it reduces the oxygen supply to the muscles as well as all the other benefits to the lungs and heart.


Whatever your resolution make a plan and stick to it.  Make small achievable goals to stay on track and persevere.  Change is hard but could make your life so much better.